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Vahan Info - Indian RTO

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Vahan Info - Indian RTO

Vahan Info - Indian RTO

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Vahan Info - Indian RTO description


Vahan Info - Indian RTO
With this smart and handy app you can find the RTO registrations details of any vehicle.
You just need to enter vehicle number and you'll get vehicle registration details.
Vehicle details like vehicle owner name, vehicle engine number, vehicle chassis number, vehicle registration date.
If you are planning to buy used vehicle then with vehicles registration number you can get all the details about vehicle so it will be very helpful to know the details about vehicle so that there will not be any change of getting cheated about ownership.With this app you can search RTO details of any Indian vehicle.Why to use this app?
1. If you are buying used vehicle then this app will provide basic information about that vehicle which is required to know and will be helpful.
2. Roadside accident, Hit and run case, or any emergency.
3. You no more need to go to Regional Transport Office (RTO) to get these details for a car, bike, truck, taxi, scooter or any other Indian Vehicle!
4. Get vehicle Insurance details, tax details
5. If you noticed traffic violations on the street, you can note down the vehicle's number and search it within the app. This will help the law enforcers take prompt action
6. Search for status of stolen vehicles (Indian RTO)
7. Just for fun sometimes :-)

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