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Sideline - 2nd Phone Number

Download Sideline - 2nd Phone Number App - screenshot 1 Download Sideline - 2nd Phone Number App - screenshot 2 Download Sideline - 2nd Phone Number App - screenshot 3
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Sideline - 2nd Phone Number

Sideline - 2nd Phone Number

Sideline - 2nd Phone Number

Sideline - 2nd Phone Number

Sideline - 2nd Phone Number

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Sideline - 2nd Phone Number description


A 2nd number for your smartphonethats your Sideline.

Sideline is the fastest-growing phone solution for businesses, teams, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or anyone who needs a 2nd number. Why? Because Sideline is built for professionals and works anywhere your cell phone does. How? It uses your existing carrier network (not Wi-Fi). That means you never have to pay us for minutes. With Sideline, carrying two cellphones and paying for desk phones will soon be a thing of the past.

Still on the fence? Check out this lovely feature list:

AREA CODE SELECTOR Local or not, you can select the area code of your 2nd number.

NUMBER PORTING Already have a 2nd number? Bring it with. Porting lets you transfer existing numbers to Sideline from another device or landline.

CARRIER RELIABILITY Most calling apps only work over Wi-Fi. Unlike them, Sideline uses your existing cellular network. This gives you the same great call quality you get from your regular number.

TEXTING & CALLING Texting is free and unlimited. Calling works with your carrier plan so your minutes (which are probably unlimited) get shared between your two numbers.

CUSTOM VOICEMAIL Greet callers with a voicemail for your Sideline Number. Youll sound more professional and keep your work and personal voicemails separate.

HOW IT ALL WORKS Your two numbers simply live in different apps. Separate caller IDs, notifications, and ringtones make it clear whos contacting you. And on which number.

PRIVACY Personal phone numbers are part of your mobile identity. Probably for life. Like a social security number, you shouldnt give it out to everyone. A spare phone number can really come in handy.

VOICEMAIL FORWARDING On nights, weekends, or holidays, silence Sideline and send callers directly to voicemail. You can even set up multiple voicemails or auto-text replies for any circumstance.

VERY OPTIONAL UPGRADES We think everyone should have two numbers. So Sideline is free for everyone. A 2nd number, calling, texting, voicemailthe whole thing. But as businesses grow, sometimes extra functionality is nice to have. Thats why we offer the following bells & whistles:

REMOVE ADS Yep, just like it sounds. We show ads to keep Sideline free. But you can remove them. *In App Purchase Required

VOICEMAIL TO TEXT Get your voicemails transcribed and conveniently read them as a text message. *In App Purchase Required

SALESFORCE INTEGRATION Access your Salesforce contacts and leads with Sideline. Then log calls and business communication so you can always be closin. *In App Purchase Required

SIDELINE FOR TEAMS Turn employee phones into your company phone system. With a team account, businesses can remotely manage multiple employee numbers. That means nobody has to carry two devices, desk phones can retire someplace warm, and personal numbers can stay personal. Its an entire business phone system, in one simple app. Team Account Required. See our website for details.

AUTO-ATTENDANT Create a virtual receptionist to greet callers and forward them to right person, place, or department. Press 1 for sales, 2 for support and 3 for anything else. *Team Account Required.

INTERNATIONAL CALLING With over 165 countries supported, you can stay in touch with people all over Mother Earth. Unlimited plans are $15/ month per user. *Team Account Required.

TERMS AND STUFF Subscriptions are automatically billed monthly to your iTunes Account and auto-renew. Youcan turn off auto-renew or manage subscriptions in your account settings. Unfortunately,cancellations aren'tallowed during active subscription periods.

See ourprivacy policy and terms of use(they make a great bedtime story).

*Data and Internet connectivity are still required for general functionality. Using your carrier network makes call quality more reliable than calls over VoIP or Wi-Fi.

*Calling and texting support for Hawaii and Alaska coming soon.

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