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Connect for Hotmail

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Connect for Hotmail

Connect for Hotmail

Connect for Hotmail

Connect for Hotmail

Connect for Hotmail

Connect for Hotmail

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Connect for Hotmail Review: For Users Who Choose Simplicity


Most smartphone users open their devices to check their email on a daily basis. Naturally, there is a vast variety of mail clients available for smartphones and tablets. Finding the one that works for you isn’t always easy because there are a lot of low-quality apps that keep crashing, lack even basic functionality, or have unattractive user interfaces. Connect for Hotmail is far from being one of those apps, so you might want to check it out if you’re using the email from Microsoft.

Functionality 10/10

Connect for Hotmail does everything that you would expect from a modern email client app and a little more. You can use the app to check your Hotmail mail, browse your incoming e-mails, reply to them, and contact anyone who has a working email address. The app can also download the messages to your phone’s memory so that you can read them later in the offline mode.

Connect for Hotmail also allows you to configure the app’s notifications, so you can choose what’s more important for you: never missing an e-mail or saving mobile data traffic and phone’s battery life.

If you don’t like your phone buzzing all the time, you can even turn the notifications off completely. In addition, you can go a little further with the customization and adjust the font size inside the app according to your preferences.

Design 9/10

The user interface of the app is pretty straightforward: there is nothing there to distract you from working with your mail. The design is typical for Android apps, there is nothing striking about it, yet it does its job quite well.

Usability 10/10

Connect for Hotmail is definitely user-friendly and easy-to-navigate. It is also stable and free from bugs and crashes.

Cross-Platform Use 7/10

Connect for Hotmail is only available for Android devices, so you won’t be able to install it on your iOS phone or tablet.

In-App Purchases

Connect for Hotmail is a free app and doesn’t offer any in-app purchases.

The Bottom Line

Hotmail for mobile Android devices is a great app for those who wish to work with their free Hotmail account on the go, but dislike the official app from Microsoft. Connect for Hotmail is devoid of all the distractions and unneeded features so that you can focus solely on your mail while using it.



Even if you like the official Hotmail client, you might want to try the free Connect for Hotmail app to enjoy its simplicity, functionality, and attractive minimalist design.

Pros : A great alternative to the official client app from Microsoft;
Free, though no surprise here;
User interface that promotes productivity.

Cons : No possibility of crossplatform use;
Only available in English.

Functionality 5.0

Design 4.5

Usability 5.0

Cross-platform use 3.5

Average : 4.5

Rating Distribution

(49 880)

Connect for Hotmail APK Version History

  • Connect for Hotmail v.4.5 for Android 4.1+ Nov. 12, 2016
  • Connect for Hotmail v.4.4 for Android 3.0+ Nov. 28, 2015
  • Connect for Hotmail v.4.2 for Android 2.3.2+ Oct. 24, 2015
  • Connect for Hotmail v.3.1 for Android 2.2+ Jul. 20, 2015
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    Andrew walker 3 weeks ago

    find read al mail

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    Clara Neeposh 2 months ago

    I can't get in my hot mail . I forgot my password.

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    my childhood 3 months ago

    how can i use hotmail

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      Maria freitas 2 weeks ago

      Como abrir o ?

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      jadwiga siwak 2 months ago

      Jag vill advenda min epost email

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    md kirmani 3 months ago

    i love shaid

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Connect for Hotmail

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