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LINE: Free Calls & Messages

Download LINE: Free Calls & Messages App - screenshot 1 Download LINE: Free Calls & Messages App - screenshot 2 Download LINE: Free Calls & Messages App - screenshot 3
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LINE: Free Calls & Messages

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

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Try LINE for a Little More Than Just Instant Messaging


Online communication is no longer seen as something close to a miracle, and there is currently a multitude of ways to connect with someone over the Internet, one of the most popular and convenient being instant messaging (IM). If you own a smartphone or a tablet, you can install a number of IM apps on your device to always be in touch with your friends and family, but only some of these apps are good enough to use on a regular basis. Is LINE one of them? Keep reading, and you’ll find that out.

Functionality 10/10

LINE can offer everything you’d expect from a mobile messenger, and it also has a few additional tricks up its sleeve. First of all, LINE lets you send instant messages to your friends and colleagues, spicing them up with pictures, videos, fun stickers or even locations so that your respondents know where you are and what are you up to. Second, LINE also offers the possibility to make free phone calls, and you can even enable a video mode to let your friends see you if you like. Provided that you have a decent Internet connection, your calls won't be interrupted by attempts to “reconnect” or “redial,” and the quality of both sound and video is really impressive. If you use mobile messengers to make calls on a daily basis, you should definitely try out the LINE app and enjoy the seamless connection quality it provides.

You might say that the abovementioned features are typical for most mobile messengers, and good connection quality is probably not enough to make you switch to LINE. You may be right, but this is not all that LINE has to offer. With LINE, you can have your own Timeline on which you can post messages for your friends and the entire LINE community. In that way, you can express yourself, communicate with a lot of people at once, and maybe even have them follow you so that they can see your future updates. If you don't feel like sharing details of your private life through LINE, you might still find something attractive in this feature: many celebrities have their own Timelines in LINE. What’s more, their profiles are verified so that you can be sure that you’re following a real celebrity and not a random impostor. It means that you can get to know your favorite famous person a little better, and maybe even comment on one of their posts and get a reply! The possibilities of interaction with other people through LINE are endless, so don't miss out on them.

If you're still not impressed, consider this: you have to work on a project with a hundred people or inform a huge group of friends about changing the location for an upcoming party. Granted, you could do that in the majority of other mobile messengers, but only LINE allows you to call up to 200 people at once. It means that you can quickly convey anything you need to a large number of people without struggling to put your thoughts into instant messages. What's more, you can support the points you make by sending images, videos, or locations to the people you’re talking to. This feature is incredibly convenient for large offices with lots of employees and projects to work on. Also, it is perfect for friends who wish to have fun group discussions about their plans for the weekend, homework, or just about anything else.

Finally, there are a couple more perks to make you give LINE a shot. First, you can make LINE Out calls to both mobile and landline numbers at rather attractive rates. In some countries, you can even make LINE Out calls to people who don't use LINE. Second, LINE messenger also gives you access to a number of LINE apps, which are designed to make your smartphone experience easier or simply more fun. You can install an app for making fun selfies, a multi-tool app, and a lot more. Finally, you can use LINE Keep to always have all of your pictures and videos with you: just upload them to LINE Keep to have the possibility of sharing them with friends or viewing them from any device whenever you want (provided that you have an Internet connection).

Design 9/10

There is nothing special about the design of LINE app, but nevertheless, it is quite attractive and easy to navigate. If you’re used to the way apps look on Android, you’ll probably like the LINE interface and won't have any troubles using it.

Usability 8/10

The app is fairly stable, and you’re unlikely to experience any crashes or freezes while you’re using it. However, LINE does lack some basic mobile messenger attributes, such as the ability to see whether a user is online or not, but hopefully, this will be fixed in the future. LINE works surprisingly well even on older devices with low-end specifications, so you’re unlikely to miss out on any particular features or wait for the app to load even if you own an old or budget device.

Cross-Platform Use 10/10

This is where LINE really shines: you’re very unlikely to own a device that can't run LINE. Whether you need to install it on a phone, a tablet, or a computer, LINE developers have it all covered. You can download LINE for mobile devices that run on Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone/Mobile OS, and even Symbian OS. You’ll also be able to install LINE if you use a Mac or a PC.

In-App Purchases

You can download APK LINE from the Play Market for your Android phone or tablet for free, but you will need to invest some money into the app if you want to purchase sticker packs (about $2 for a pack of 16 stickers) or make LINE Out calls.


If you’re looking for a modern mobile messenger with a lot of features, you might want to give LINE a shot. There's so much you can do with this app that you probably won't need any other messengers on your phone or tablet. Even if you have to convince some of your friends or colleagues to switch to LINE, it’s well worth it, and they are bound to like it, too.


LINE is a great option for people who need a fully functional communication tool that is capable of more than just instant messaging.

Pros : Free LINE download;
Free group chats and calls (up to 200 people);
Fun stickers;
Timeline for further expression and communication;
Official celebrity Timelines.
Additional apps and games.

Cons : No “online/last seen” status for users;
Stickers mostly available in English;
Most stickers are paid.

Functionality 5.0

Design 4.5

Usability 4.0

Cross-platform use 5.0

Average : 4.6

Rating Distribution

(8 605 698)

LINE: Free Calls & Messages APK Version History

  • LINE: Free Calls & Messages v.6.9.1 for Android 4.0.3+ Dec. 02, 2016
  • LINE: Free Calls & Messages v.6.9.0 for Android 4.0.3+ Nov. 30, 2016
  • LINE: Free Calls & Messages v.6.8.5 for Android 4.0.3+ Nov. 15, 2016
  • LINE: Free Calls & Messages v.6.8.2 for Android 4.0.3+ Nov. 02, 2016
  • LINE: Free Calls & Messages v.6.8.1 for Android 4.0.3+ Oct. 21, 2016
  • LINE: Free Calls & Messages v.6.8.0 for Android 4.0.3+ Oct. 20, 2016
  • LINE: Free Calls & Messages v.6.7.2 for Android 4.0.3+ Oct. 07, 2016
  • LINE: Free Calls & Messages v.6.7.1 for Android 4.0.3+ Oct. 04, 2016
  • LINE: Free Calls & Messages v.6.7.0 for Android 4.0.3+ Sep. 27, 2016
  • LINE: Free Calls & Messages v.6.6.2 for Android 4.0.3+ Sep. 07, 2016
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Download LINE: Free Calls & Messages App for Free

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

LINE Corporation
Android Permissions
  • Access the camera device.
  • Access to the vibrator.
  • Read the user's contacts data.
  • Open network sockets.
  • Read only access to phone state.
  • Initiate a phone call without going through the Dialer user interface for the user to confirm the call.
  • Access approximate location.
  • Access precise location.
  • Write to external storage.
  • Access information about networks.
  • Access information about Wi-Fi networks.
  • Receive SMS messages.
  • Record audio.
  • Modify global audio settings.
  • Prevent processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
  • Read from external storage.
  • Connect to paired bluetooth devices.
  • Broadcast sticky intents.
  • Change network connectivity state.
  • Change Wi-Fi connectivity state.
  • Disable the keyguard if it is not secure.
  • Read or write the system settings.
  • Access extra location provider commands.
  • List of accounts in the Accounts Service.
  • Install a shortcut in Launcher.
  • Discover and pair bluetooth devices.
Please note: the permissions may change when the app is updated.
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