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WhatsApp Messenger

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WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

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WhatsApp Messenger – Worth All The Hype?


For quite some time now, WhatsApp messenger has been a bit of a web phenomenon. The ‘MSN Messenger' of its day, WhatsApp has become the most popular way for people to communicate online. With simple messaging and group chats together it's never been easier for groups of friends, business colleagues and professionals to keep topics going in  one spot.

Thanks to WhatsApp you can easily have different conversation branches, which ensures you and your friends can keep things nice and simple. However, is it all that it's made out to be? Whilst a very impressive piece of kit, WhatsApp has plenty of little hiccups that you should watch out for. So, is WhatsApp for you? Or are you better looking for another tool to communicate with in the near future?

Functionality 10/10

Obviously, the quality and functionality of an app are absolutely vital. One thing that we immediately noticed about WhatsApp was just how easily functional it was. There was no problems in controlling the system with plenty of smart little add-ons and elements that made it easy for us to stay in contact with each social group. With vibration notifications when messages come in it's easy for you to get an update from each WhatsApp chat group. This naturally makes it much easier for you and others to keep your conversations into specific brackets, avoiding confusion in the long run.

Design 7/10

The design, though, is a bit of a hit and miss. While it's easy enough to get around the design of the app and you should not have many problems using it, if you want to download WhatsApp you'll have to get used to an utterly functional design. Nothing really interesting is going on with the WhatsApp looks – they're banal and quite bland. Whilst functionality is more important over style, especially if it limits substance, this program just feels basic. It's like the WhatsApp development team just made it as easy to use as possible so they could finish before lun

Usability 7/10

Usability, though, makes up for sour design. This is really simple to use, with a simple swipe and touch screen management of each and every element of the discussion. You can have easy access to other features like attaching video, media, audio etc. and you can also find it easy to get your message across the system with an effective keyboard provided on-screen for all response. With easy shuffling from group to group, this is  usable and has great functionality from that standpoint. If it had a more ambitious design, we'd have no real complaints to make!

Cross-platform use 9/10

With no international charges, you can easily get in touch with people from other parts of the world using WhatsApp – it really is quite simple to do. However, the main benefit of using this system is that WhatsApp allows you to talk to anyone who has the WhatsApp .APK file on their device. With WhatsApp people of all smartphone styles and sizes can talk to each other as they walk around. This means that, as far as we are concerned, the cross-platform suitability of this piece of kit could not be disputed. When you install WhatsApp or update WhatsApp, you'll still have everything waiting for you in terms of contacts – from all devices – when you get back.

In-app purchases

WhatsApp does not have any in-app purchases. With no international charges, you can use this as your solution when abroad to talk with friends from around the world without incurring SMS charges. Thanks to WhatsApp you can now talk with friends and family with relative ease on the web as you go. This makes it much easier to have a meaningful discussion with friends and family without having to pay for it. Other apps like this are limited in their overall solution and usually, charge for other features, so this makes a pretty big difference. WhatsApp is probably one of the most effective apps on the web for this, giving you great suitability and easy management across different platforms and without having to shell out any money to actually use the hardware


From the moment that you take the free WhatsApp download, you are making your messaging abilities far more advanced than they were previously. This is easy to use, relatively safe and friendly, deeply effective from numerous points of view and a solution for messaging across the world without incurring charges.


Whilst it lacks a little on the creativity front in terms of what the app looks like, it more than makes up for that with excellent functionality and simple messaging consistency.

Pros : Easy to use, gives users a simple way to send messages;
Can be used both on mobile and desktop;
No international charges make talking affordable;
Group chat with everyone in specific groups;
With no usernames and pins, WhatsApp makes it easier than ever to just be yourself.

Cons : A slight lack of creativity in the design;
Confusing for the first few uses, needs getting used to;
Updates regularly, so you need to be online.

Functionality 5.0

Design 3.5

Usability 3.5

Cross-platform use 4.5

Average : 4.1

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WhatsApp Messenger APK Version History

  • WhatsApp Messenger v.2.16.352 for Android 2.3.4+ Nov. 14, 2016
  • WhatsApp Messenger v.2.16.329 for Android 2.3.4+ Nov. 01, 2016
  • WhatsApp Messenger v.2.16.310 for Android 2.3.4+ Oct. 15, 2016
  • WhatsApp Messenger v.2.16.306 for Android 2.3.4+ Oct. 14, 2016
  • WhatsApp Messenger v.2.16.297 for Android 2.3.4+ Oct. 08, 2016
  • WhatsApp Messenger v.2.16.278 for Android 2.3.4+ Sep. 24, 2016
  • WhatsApp Messenger v.2.16.275 for Android 2.3.4+ Sep. 23, 2016
  • WhatsApp Messenger v.2.16.268 for Android 2.3.4+ Sep. 14, 2016
  • WhatsApp Messenger v.2.16.265 for Android 2.3.4+ Sep. 12, 2016
  • WhatsApp Messenger v.2.16.262 for Android 2.3.4+ Sep. 09, 2016
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WhatsApp Messenger

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