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educado description


Activate the unbelievable ability of your brain and discover how to learn easier, long-dated and faster. Get your free time back by checking out our studying methods.Discover how easily you can expand your vocabulary of a foreign language and experience further secrets about studying.If its for school, university, your hobby or for your career:
accelerate your learning success und keep your acquired knowledge.
Suitable and applicable anywhere for every age - using this, you are perfectly prepared for any exam!Educado principle
This app is totally free! However - 10 percent of the advertising income goes to UNICEF Austria for worldwide education programs by UNICEF. That means that you can help other people to receive access to education by using this app. Together we can achieve more! recommended by neuroscientists

educado APK Version History

  • educado v.1.0 for Android 3.0+ Mar. 29, 2016
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