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Kahoot! Make Your Lessons Great Again


Kahoot is a free student-response app, which allows you to create game-like multiple-choice quizzes in real time. Teachers and students can either make their own original quizzes or find, use, and remix public quizzes.

Kahoot quickly becomes a go-to for teachers looking for a way to improve a classroom engagement.

Functionality 10/10

Kahoot!’s new format and easy access are likely to motivate students by the spirit of competition and exciting study approach. The account-free app makes it easy to get going in a snap. And every game feels like a new, winnable opportunity.

Kahoot adds liveliness in the game or quiz as the rank updates appear on the class scoreboard after each question and personal points data automatically finds the way to the students’ devices. Along with that, the Team Mode allows students to cooperate within their group and compete against other teams.

The class scoreboard displays the top five kids with the number correct for the final winner. For teachers, it’s important to ensure competition leads to praise, and not put-downs. Teachers, as well as student creators, can download and view data, which includes individual information, and reports, in Excel.

Although it can provide helpful figures, the main drawback is in gathering and monitoring this data over time. A teacher can’t compare data for classes or individual students over time since the students don’t have their personal accounts. This means that using Kahoot quizzes are time-intensive to analyze students' growth patterns or individual problem areas.

Design 9/10

The Kahoot app has an attractive and simple design, which provides a so-needed engagement for students. It’s easy to reach all functions you need and move through the menu.

Questions, along with answer choices, appears on a classroom screen while students submit responses using a personal mobile device. Questions and polls contain video and images to help further appeal to all learners. Since students' devices display symbol and color choices only, the actual answers appear on the classroom screen.

The use of suspenseful music and bright colors bring energized and game-like atmosphere to the studying process.

Usability 9/10

Once you logged in, it requires a simple step to begin — just tap the “New Kahoot!” button and you are ready to go. Then, you have to choose whether you want to use Kahoot to create a discussion, quiz, or survey.

Before adding any questions and answers to your work, you need to title it. Once you did it, tap the “Add Questions” button to insert the content.

When you are ready to engage, click the “Play” button, which will lead you to the next screen with a game pin. Once you get a game pin, you can log into by entering the game pin and your nickname.

If Kahoot was created to be a quiz, the responses appear in the form of a bar graph with specific points based on the speed and accuracy of the responses.

In a discussion or survey, you will see the responses graphed but not awarded with any points.

Cross-platform use 10/10

Kahoot! is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. Android version required is 2.3.3 or later, and iOS — 1.0.1 or later.

In-app purchases

The Kahoot! app is free of charge.


Kahoot keeps competition lively and learners engaged with its quick pace, suspenseful music, and instant scoreboards. Students won’t realize they do so much learning at the same time.
And they will love the challenge of creating their own Kahoots.

Kahoot is a great way to review material with your students as well as exchange the experience with other teachers in the Kahoot community.


The Kahoot! app provides effortlessly fun quizzing which leads to a productive assessment and a great classroom engagement.

Pros : An attractive and simple design;
A quick pace and suspenseful music;
A compelling and easy way to engage students into studying.

Cons : inability to track and analyze students’ growth patterns.

Functionality 5.0

Design 4.5

Usability 4.5

Cross-platform use 5.0

Average : 4.8

Rating Distribution

(28 351)

Kahoot! APK Version History

  • Kahoot! v.0.0.1 for Android 2.3.4+ Sep. 26, 2015
  • Kahoot! v.1.3 for Android 2.2+ Jul. 28, 2015
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    Speer 1 week ago

    I Played It At School I LOVED IT

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    Ong Xian Jin 1 month ago

    Greetings, could you help us to fill up our questionnaire for our assignment purpose , Words cannot express my feelings , i greatly appreciate your help , thank you ~ ^^…/1FAIpQLSf8lvRtOphgNPo9DO…/viewform

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    noelzy dee 1 month ago

    I like because it is for math then you can learn and get Smart and is the good game for math skills for children.

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      Leila 1 month ago

      Acht mooi in leuk

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      Noelzy dee 1 month ago

      I love Kahoolawe

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      milar to Noelzy dee 1 month ago

      Moi Hybä

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    lake 2 months ago

    i want to have fun

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      no comment

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    maya 2 months ago

    can you guys find the game kahoot

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