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Toca Band

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Toca Band

Toca Band

Toca Band

Toca Band

Toca Band

Toca Band

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Toca Band description


Play with sounds and create your own band!

Rock out with Toca Band!
Toca Band is getting ready for their big concert and needs your help to mix beats and sounds together for their hit song! Toca Band is a fun and easy toy that encourages children to explore music in a new creative way! Choose from 16 different cool characters each with their own unique quirky sound and musical rhythms. Put your band members on stage to get the music started then move them around and see what happens! Try out new band combinations, explore different sounds and while youre at it, why not give the lovable rapper, Stikk Figga something he always dreamed of: a solo performance!

With Toca Band you can play together with your kids and experiment with sounds, beats and rhythms in lots of fun ways. Guitar or opera, upbeat or downtempo, lets find out what sounds best together!

Background music, animation and fun sound effects.
16 colorful characters, each with their own unique sounds and moves!
48 fun sound loops that can be put together in endless combinations
Change the way each character plays by placing them further up- or downstage
Make the song the way you like it then dance along with your own moves
Play and improvise in solo mode by placing a character on the star
Combine rhythm instruments with melody and vocals
Amazing original graphics
No rules or stress play any way your kids want to!
Kid friendly interface!
No third-party advertising!
No in-app purchases!

Each character plays their own instrument in Toca Band - and there are loads to try:

- Bang Bang Chef - Drums
- Dancy Nancy - Piano
- Mr Whizzle Whiz - Whistle
- Shaky McBones - Maraca
- Zuzz - Accordion
- Figara - Opera Singing
- Kalinka - Singing
- Stikk Figga - Rapping
- Lil Riff - Guitar
- Frign Frog - Frog
- Wao Miao - Theremin
- Tic Toc - Clock Percussion
- Shoe String Charlie - Bass Guitar
- Balooney - Balloon
- Dolores - Percussion
- Bimbell - Harp

Toca Band is not a game its a toy where you and your kids get to explore music together. Oh, and dont forget to let your kids make some noise of their own too!
As with all Toca Boca toys, there are no high scores, time limits or stress. Your kids can play with it however they want! Toca Band is suitable for kids between 2-9 years old.

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Toca Band music created by: Hkan Lidbo Audio Industries

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