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Discovery VR

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Discovery VR

Discovery VR

Discovery VR

Discovery VR

Discovery VR

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Discovery VR description


Discovery VR will surely drive you crazy with its content — fantasy world, heart-pounding adventures, survival tips, favorite shows, exclusive content, and more. It will immerse you in a virtual experience like never before.

Exclusive features of the Discovery VR are:

  • Streaming playback video;
  • Superb graphic;
  • 3D videos;
  • Higher quality videos;
  • Clarity.

Live out with Discovery VR videos and find out the hidden truth behind the mysteries and fantasies. Download it by hitting the download button and enjoy all the benefits. The app will take you to the new world and bring an exciting experience.


Good content; Real-time; Clarity.


Cardboard mode freezes; Battery life decreases.

Functionality 4.0

Design 4.0

Usability 4.0

Cross-platform use 3.0

Average: 3.8

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