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Getting ready for your wedding

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Getting ready for your wedding

Getting ready for your wedding

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Getting ready for your wedding description


Are you ready for your wedding, the most important day in your life. Well Our wedding was okay but I have learnt a lot from it. So i'm here to help you out planing your wedding. To plan a wonderful wedding there are something you need to think about. 1. Wedding Budget : how much money do you want to spend in your Wedding. I guess not so much and also not too little right, well let's take a look how to control it be a smart budgeter.

2. Wedding organizer or the weddingwire : I bet you want your wedding to be more than perfect and worth your money, Here is some tips to choose the perfect wedding planner. 3. Guest list/rsvp : how big your wedding want to be and how will you manage it.4. Wedding Invitation card is super important too, and this show your guest of how you put your afford in your own wedding. and lastly 5. Let's just count down your wedding together with you fiance !Let me help you with that.

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