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Hapcast description


Hapcast lets businesses (or anyone) post quick noticescalled "Haps"about their Sales, Events, Daily Specials, or anything that is happening. They tell you what they have going on and you decide what tickles your fancy, rocks your socks, or flips your pancakes!! Find a Sale
Discover an Event
Learn about Daily Deals
Identify Fun Stuff going on around youHaps are always fresh, never stale. Other apps give you static info . . . we give you current. When the sale or event is over, the Hap is gone, so you never have to worry about old out-of-date info cluttering things up.

You also dont have to worry about joining or following anything in order to see notifications of all the great deals and info on Hapcast. Businesses and organizations post their Haps . . . you view them and find what interests you today. No muss, no fuss.

Hapcast, its whats happening!

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