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Как понять, чем заняты твои друзья в выходные? Кто тоже непротив сходить в кино, на квест или спортивный матч? Раньше это было неизвестно, но теперь есть inSearch App - повод чаще встречаться с друзьями и находить новых.Теперь можно легко - создавать события для двоих или компании

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* , ()? - . , - , . inSearch App , . . inSearch App , : - inSearch App - inSearch App ? How do you know what your friends are busy at the weekend? Who also consistency go to the movies, to the quest or sports match? Previously, it was unknown, but now there inSearch App - an occasion to meet more often with friends and find new ones.Now you can easily
- Create events for two or company
- Calling friends of VK and FB and make new
- Find events of interest
- To join a good company
- To choose how to spend your time
- Receive discounts and giftsTell us what you want to do, and to choose with whom to go.* It is difficult to come up with a text and dare to call? - Simply tick the desired participants.
* Awkward first ask for? - Just click "want to go"
* You do not want to justify why not available (a)? - Just whisk the invitation and did not offend.Make plans for the weekend or to choose where to go - much easier to collect if the company in advance. And now for inSearch App users available promotions, discounts and competitions.Company search has never been so easy.Join inSearch App groups in social networks to keep abreast of the most interesting events and participate in application development: - inSearch App in Moscow - inSearch App in PeterbrugeOrganize events in another city? Please contact

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