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0 helps organisers, speakers and attendees of conferences to organize Conference and share Sessions.As an Organizer, you can create your own Conference and its Editions (for example per year), publish the Call For Paper, use Perfection Game to increase value and select Session, to finally build the Program. All of them are available from the public page of the Conference and ready to be shared on social media.As a Speaker, add the talks you played in Conferences: create a Session for each topic, and create a new Performance each time you play a same topic on a different Conference. A same Session can be played in several Edition like so many Performance.
Performances become the history of your Sessions: is the of the Sessions. allows you to improve them thanks to the Perfection Game Core Protocol.As an Attendee, you can participate to a Conference to submit your wanted topics and be notified by organisers.It doesn't required to install any software. This single place offers a high visibility for your Events or Talks over the internet.
It is possible to see pages without being registered, but when creating an account Users can fully use with different roles: Organizer (of Conference), Speaker (of Session), Player (of Perfection Game), Follower (of Conference or other User), Attendee (of a Conference or workshop)... allows communication between all of these roles.With the mobile App you can:- Select wanted Conference
- Monitor time remaining to the conference
- Synchronize content to consult it offline
- Consult Sessions directory: list, detail, search and filter
- Consult Speakers directory: list, detail, search and filter",
- Receive News from Conferences and

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