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Cook’s Illustrated

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Cook’s Illustrated

Cook’s Illustrated

Cook’s Illustrated

Cook’s Illustrated

Cook’s Illustrated

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Cook’s Illustrated description


Need a foolproof recipe for dinner tonight? From Pan-Seared Thick Cut Strip Steaks or Crisp Roast Chicken to Grilled Salmon or Pasta with Creamy Tomato Sauce we have you covered. Standing in the supermarket and dont know which brand of extra virgin olive oil to buy? Cooks Illustrated reviews will tell you which brand took top honors for its fruity flavor and excellent balance and which brand tasted like motor oil. The Cooks Illustrated app arms you with 50 of Cooks Illustrateds all-time best recipes, along with a collection of popular and practical supermarket ingredient taste tests and equipment reviews, recipe videos, and kitchen timer and shopping list features.

A practical companion to a membership, the Cooks Illustrated app gives members access to all of the members-only recipes, recipe specific videos, ingredient taste tests, and equipment reviews available on

App features:
50 of our all-time best recipes, covering appetizers and main courses, to side dishes, breakfasts, and desserts.
Recipes developed in Americas Test Kitchen, Americas most trusted test kitchen
Browse recipes by cuisine or category
Recipe overview videos for every recipe
Dozens of taste test reviews for supermarket ingredients
Dozens of unbiased reviews for kitchen equipment and gadgets
Shopping list feature expandable to accommodate additional items
Start and manage multiple kitchen timers
Organize recipes, taste tests, and equipment reviews in your Favorites members can log in to access all members-only recipe, taste test, and equipment review content
Favorites content automatically synched up with members Favorites content organized online
Share apps recipes, taste tests, and equipment reviews via email or Facebook

About Cooks Illustrated
Cooks Illustrated, launched in 1993, is located just outside Boston where a team of more than three dozen test cooks, editors, and cookware specialists work in a 2,500-square-foot test kitchen. Our mission is to test recipes over and over again until we understand how and why they work and until we arrive at the best version of a particular recipe.

We start the process of testing each recipe with a complete lack of conviction, which means that we accept no claim, no theory, no technique, and no recipe at face value. We simply assemble as many variations as possible, test half a dozen of the most promising, and taste the results blind. We then construct our own hybrid recipe and continue to test it, varying the ingredients, techniques, and cooking times until we reach a consensus. The result, we hope, is the best version of a particular recipe, but we realize that only you can be the final judge of our success (or failure). As we like to say in the test kitchen, We make the mistakes so you dont have to.

Along with developing recipes, our test kitchen team exhaustively tests kitchen equipment and does blind tastings of supermarket ingredients to tell home cooks which brands to buyand which to avoid. More than one million Cooks Illustrated readers rely on Cooks Illustrated reviews to make smarter decisions about which cooking products and ingredient brands to buy.

Cooks Illustrated recipes, testings, and tastings can be found in Cooks Illustrated magazine and cookbooks, online at, or featured on our public television show, Americas Test Kitchen.

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    Amanda 1 year ago

    It became my favourite app after install. A lot of dishes with full recipes and helpful pictures.It became my favourite app after install. A lot of dishes with full recipes and helpful pictures.

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