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Рецепты. Котлеты

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Рецепты. Котлеты

Рецепты. Котлеты

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Рецепты. Котлеты description


( . ctelette) : () ; .
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, , , , , -. , , , , . ( , , ). . , ctelette, . Chicken (from Fr. ctelette.) - In the original meaning of cooked piece of meat on the bones: the femur, or (preferably) the rib and thigh - a bird; as well as a variety of fish fillets.
In Russian this concept kitchen chops changed over time, and to date under the cutlet increasingly understood meat dish of minced meat in the form of cakes, as well as a dish similar process for the preparation of other products.
Gradually the name "burger" and transferred to other culinary products, not cooked meat, but to similar technologies, such as fish cakes and chicken cutlets, called "Chicken Kiev". There and vegetable burgers from rice, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, cabbage and other vegetables. Rice cakes can be made savory and sweet (with the addition of sugar, raisins, honey or jam).The original meaning of the term actually dropped out of the Russian goods, and has been replaced by the term "chop" or "chop on the bone." However, in everyday life under the definition of "chop" is taken to mean not ctelette, and escalope.

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