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Health Mate

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Health Mate

Health Mate

Health Mate

Health Mate

Health Mate

Health Mate

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Health Mate: Take Care Of Your Health With Ease


Everyone wants to stay healthy and fit, but we all know how easy it is to get extremely busy and not even have time to think how you can improve your life in this department. 

With health apps, you can make sure you’re motivated when it comes to taking care of your health and the entire process becomes a lot more fun. The Health Mate app is a perfect companion for everyone who wants to get a better understanding of their health and how to bring it to the next level. 

Functionality 9/10

When it comes to functionality, Health Mate is quite an extensive app in comparison to other counterparts in the category. By installing the Health Mate app you can:  Track your weight. Once you enter your height and weight, you can use the app to calculate your BMI. If you want to lose some weight and achieve a specific goal, you can enter the desired weight so that the app can determine how much you have to lose each week to reach your goal. Activity tracker. Getting enough movement during the day is essential whether you want to lose weight or simply maintain your health. With the help of Health Mate, you can figure out how many steps a day you’re taking. A quick reminder: the recommended number is at least 10,000. It’s possible to use this feature if you carry the phone with you at all times to get an accurate number. Your heart. One of the cooler functions of the Health Mate app is that you can use it to instantly determine your heart rate. All you have to do is select the heart rate and press your pointer finger against the camera on the device, and you will get your results in just a couple of minutes. You can log your blood pressure information so that you have accurate data to share the next time you decide to visit a doctor.     Another great thing about this app is that the developers have cooperated with a number of other applications to deliver the best results. In such a way, you can use the app along with Up by Jawbone, MyfitnessPal, and Runkeeper.

Design 10/10

The interface of the Health Mate app is quite traditional for other fitness and health apps you can download. It’s user-friendly and intuitive – it certainly won’t take you long to know exactly what to do. Various graphics and charts make it visual and allow you to assess your achievements at a glance.

Usability 9/10

The app is quite accurate whether you use it to count the steps or determine your heart rate. Some bugs have been fixed in the recent version of the app, including the problems with combining the app with Runkeeper and exchanging the data with the scales from Withings.

Cross-platform use 9/10

The application is compatible with iPhones and iPads (iOS 7.0 and later) and Android devices

In-app purchases

You can enjoy all the mentioned features in the app for free. One of the popular in-app purchases you can choose is called Hy-Result, and it can help you measure your blood pressure to prevent serious cardiovascular issues.

The Bottom Line

Health Mate is a great application for those who don’t want to take their health for granted. It will help you remember to measure your heart rate, do the exercises when planned, and keep track of your achievements so that you feel more motivated. The application is an excellent tool that will ensure that you are consistent when it comes to your fitness routine.


Health Mate is an app for those who take their health seriously and want to use modern technologies to benefit their health.

Pros : Accurate calculations;
Intuitive and easy-to-use interface;
Extensive number of functions;
An opportunity to combine it with other apps.

Cons : No synchronization with Google Fit.

Functionality 4.5

Design 5.0

Usability 4.5

Cross-platform use 4.5

Average : 4.6

Health Mate APK Version History

  • Health Mate v.2.18 for Android 4.0+ Nov. 08, 2016
  • Health Mate v.2.17.1 for Android 4.0+ Oct. 28, 2016
  • Health Mate v.2.17 for Android 4.0+ Aug. 03, 2016
  • Health Mate v.2.16 for Android 4.0+ Jun. 09, 2016
  • Health Mate v.2.15.1 for Android 4.0+ May. 04, 2016
  • Health Mate v.2.14.1 for Android 4.0+ Apr. 20, 2016
  • Health Mate v.2.14 for Android 4.0+ Apr. 14, 2016
  • Health Mate v.2.13 for Android 4.0+ Feb. 26, 2016
  • Health Mate v.2.11.1 for Android 4.0+ Jan. 20, 2016
  • Health Mate v.2.10.60 for Android 2.3.4+ Oct. 23, 2015
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Health Mate

Android Permissions
  • Discover and pair bluetooth devices.
  • Connect to paired bluetooth devices.
  • Open network sockets.
  • Prevent processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
  • Access information about networks.
  • Access information about Wi-Fi networks.
  • Write to external storage.
  • Access precise location.
  • Access approximate location.
  • Flashlight.
  • Access the camera device.
  • Access to the vibrator.
  • List of accounts in the Accounts Service.
Please note: the permissions may change when the app is updated.
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