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Colic Baby Gas Pancreatitis

Download Colic Baby Gas Pancreatitis App - screenshot 1 Download Colic Baby Gas Pancreatitis App - screenshot 2
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Colic Baby Gas Pancreatitis

Colic Baby Gas Pancreatitis

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Colic Baby Gas Pancreatitis description


Does your baby keep crying? Can you do anything in helpless while your baby cries? Colik Bebe is exactly what you want. With the Colic Baby you will experience the feeling of your mother in your child again. As your baby feels safe, you will feel safe as well.
As an additional feature in the application, you can specify the shutdown time. In this way, you can click on the clock symbol in the upper part of the application and select the time to close, and the application automatically closes automatically when the time you have selected is reached.With the 12 sounds found in the application of Colic Bebe, we present the sounds similar to the sounds heard by the mother in her mother's womb. With your baby Colic Bebe, you will feel like you are in your mother's back and will stop crying.
The app works even when the screen is turned off.There are totally 12 sounds in our Kolik Baby application.These:
Vacuum cleaner
Hair dryer
Mother Bear
Washing machine
Car Motion Sound
Shower Body
Heart beat
Vehicle Interior
Rain Rain
White Noise
Drone Flight
Music Box

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