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KidPick-App description


KidPick-App: Scheduling of play dates, childcare, extracurricular activities, urgent pick-ups.
KidPick App helps parents organize the everyday eventualities for their kids within their own, safe network of other parents, grandparents, friends and babysitters. Spontaneously or for the long term, scheduling of kids important dates, is really easy.PICKUPS AND PLAYDATES...-can be offered or requested
-can be sent to different members at the same time
-can be spontaneous or planned for the long term
-are organized quickly without having a long messenger thread to be followed
-are safe within the kids-family / friends networkCONTACT DETAILS
of your safe, kids-related network are up-to-date and synchronized with everyone.
They can be viewed and selected for making phone calls within the app.LOCATIONS
can be set up for every PickUp or PlayDate and are displayed on the map. Distances to the locations are also shown.CHILDCARE AND PLAYDATES
such as kids football teams, ballet-class, piano lessons can be set up. Shared PickUps or dates for classes can be easily organized within groups.BE SYNCHRONIZED... saving dates in your devices calendarPUSH NOTIFICATIONS...
...are sent to you for the latest PickUp or PlayDate offers and requests.Last minute changes...
...if you are not able to pick up your child (i.e. from kindergarten or school) on time you can place an urgent PickUp request to your network or whole groups (for Premium-users).BIRTHDAY PARTIES...
... can be organized with the KidPick App as well.
-just set up a PlayDate
-define the location
-add a note concerning the reason organizing Birthday party
-invited members can accept or decline and you get a quick idea as to how many guests to expect.PRICES, ACCOUNT, AUTOMATIC RENEWALYou download the KidPick-App Freemium version first. You can use the Freemium version for one month for free. By inviting more members to your network you can use KidPick-App as many of months for free as your invited friends have registered, i.e. 6 registered friends are 6 free months.
The Premium account is available by In-App purchase. It costs 2,99 cent for 1 month or 29,99 for 1 year.
The payment process is handled by Google Play Store. Payment is due when you have confirmed the Premium account. The account is automatically renewed, unless you turn off the automatic renewal function within your device up to 24 hours before your pre-paid agreement expires..
24 hours before your account expires, the payment of 2,99 cent or 29,99 is due.
You can manage your KidPick App account within your settings in your Google Play Store account and either choose the automatic renewal function for monthly or annual payment option.
Once you have selected a monthly or annual agreement it cannot be changed until the agreement has reached its end.
The free usage of the Freemium account ends as soon as you book the Premium account.Terms and conditions:
KidPick-App - its childsplay, helps you organize everyday life to save time for what matters most to you.

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