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iRetouch Free

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iRetouch Free

iRetouch Free

iRetouch Free

iRetouch Free

iRetouch Free

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iRetouch Free description


iRetouch Free is an advanced, feature-rich photo editor for your iPhone/iPod Touch. You will benefit from having all essential retouching tools in one app. iRetouch is highly optimized to allow usage of numerous photo editing tools, all in one app.

Reviews of iRetouch:

"...packed full of sophisticated photo-fixing features. If you've dabbled with Photoshop then you'll know how handy it is to be able to clone out unwanted objects from your photos. iRetouch has its own Clone Stamp and it works really well..." - iPhone App Directory magazine (vol. 2)

iRetouch is the perfect app for on the go picture edits.-

"Functionality: 5/5; Ease of Use: 4/5; Value for Money: 5/5; Type of users: Users take photos often and are photoshop savvy. Overall: 4.5/5" -

"inexpensive alternative for those who crave Photoshop but dont want to pay the cash for all its bells and whistles." -

See 30 second video -

With new version 2.0, iRetouch Free becomes even more useful and practical by allowing easy switching between two different sets of retouching tools:

BASIC TOOLS (hi-res retouching of entire image)

Crop (fixed aspect ratio - 1:1, 2:3, 3:2, 4:3, 3:4)
Straighten (with automatic crop),
Rotate 90, -90, 180
Flip horizontally
Quick resize up to 480, 640 or 800 px in Free version.
Color Temperature
unlimited Undo and Redo (before switching to Precise tools)

PRECISE TOOLS (up to 800x800px in Free version)

Clone Stamp,
Stamps ('fail', 'win', 'thumbs up' etc.) with adjustable color, size, opacity and blend mode.
Effects toolbar - quick presets for various "splash" effects:
Blur - everything will be blurred except for for objects you touch.
Zoom Blur - everything will be blurred except for for objects in the center of selected image region and the objects you touch.
Desaturate - everything will be in black&white except for the objects you touch.
Erase - touch to erase upper layer with effects.
Clear All - instantly undo all changes made with 'Precise' tools.
19 color blending modes with description.

This version is free thanks to Apple iAd support (if/when available in your country). Please consider getting premium features in paid ($0.99) version or leaving your great 5-star reviews - it will really help to develop next FREE updates!


Premium features available only in paid version (0.99$) :

Custom Resizing - from 8x8px up to 4096x4096px
1024x1024px canvas size for Precise tools
More screen space - NO ADS

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