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PixSort -- tag and organize your photos

Download PixSort -- tag and organize your photos App - screenshot 1 Download PixSort -- tag and organize your photos App - screenshot 2 Download PixSort -- tag and organize your photos App - screenshot 3
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PixSort -- tag and organize your photos

PixSort -- tag and organize your photos

PixSort -- tag and organize your photos

PixSort -- tag and organize your photos

PixSort -- tag and organize your photos

PixSort -- tag and organize your photos

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PixSort -- tag and organize your photos description


PixSort makes it easy and intuitive to find your photos. Tag and sort photos according date, location, people, keyword, and star rating. Wirelessly export your photos to a computer using WiFi, with tags permanently attached in the metadata. If you don't have time to tag, PixSort is still fantastic because tags are automatically created according to date and location of the photo. Album names from your native Photos app are automatically applied as keywords, and Faces are automatically applied as people tags. Creating new tags is quick and easy, and tags can be applied to multiple photos all at once.

Photo transfer:
Transfer photos to your computer over a WiFi network, no cable needed!
E-mail photos with tags attached in the metadata
Post to Facebook with option to automatically include tags in the caption
Full resolution photo export option (tap on PixSort in the native Settings app)

Organize and find your photos
Sort your photos by date, location, people, keyword, or star rating

Automatic tagging:
Location data is used to automatically tag photos with city names
Photos are automatically tagged with month and year

Easy manual tagging:
Select one or more photos
Use our special batch-select feature to tag multiple photos at once
Select a category
Re-use tags or create a new one

Star rating:
Give photos a star rating so you can easily find the good ones later

No wasted time or effort:
Tags stay with your photos forever, because PixSort writes tags to the IPTC metadata (photos must be exported using PixSort).
The tags you create can be viewed on your computer and online using iPhoto, Flickr, Picassa, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, Bridge, and more.

Thumbnail gallery or full screen view
Two thumbnail sizes available (go to Setting app)
Succinct slideshow for photos with a shared tag

Meta data:
View exif metadata including camera settings and resolution
View location details using reverse-geocoding

Zip file download
Download all photos transferred via WiFi at once to your computer (in-app purchase, 100 MB max)

To select a batch of photos at once, first tap the select button. Then tap on a photo, and tap and hold another. All photos in between the two will be selected (this acts like the Shift key on your computer).

Currently the option to transfer full-resolution photos using WiFi is free! Open the native Settings app, find PixSort, and turn on full resolution WiFi export.


PixSort uses tags and not folders because folders are too restrictive, especially on your mobile device. Most photos do not belong in only one folder, and putting a photo in more than one folder just doesn't make sense. However, with tags it's easy and natural for multiple tags to be applied to a single photo, so you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for, grouped exactly how you want.

Photos are not saved in PixSort, so do not delete your photos from your Camera Roll. Think of PixSort as a photo viewer and portal. This is different from most photo organization apps which copy your photos. Why would you want to waste precious memory on your mobile device and have two copies of your photos anyway?

So in your camera roll, DO NOT DELETE PHOTOS YOU WANT TO KEEP!


PixSort works with photos, not videos.

Using the WiFi transfer, photos are viewed on your computer in a web browser. Upgrade to a zip file download to save all the photos to your computer at once.

Some third party photo editing apps remove the location data which prevents automatic city location tagging. If that happens you can easily add your own location tags.

To automatically get people tags, first use Faces in iPhoto. Then load your photos onto your mobile device using iTunes.

Remember, PixSort does not save your photos so do not delete photos you want keep in your camera roll.


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