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Beaming Service for Samsung

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Beaming Service for Samsung

Beaming Service for Samsung

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Beaming Service for Samsung description


The Beaming Service, preinstalled by Samsung on your Samsung Galaxy device provides applications like Beep'nGo and others with access to the free barcode beaming feature built into these select new Samsung devices.

The Beaming Service enables your device to beam (relay) barcodes, as found on digital coupons, event tickets, library cards, loyalty cards and membership cards to 1D red laser and Image based scanners prevalent at nearly every retail store and checkout stand around the world. Use supported apps like Beep'nGo to upload your plastic loyalty, membership and gift cards directly to your supported Samsung device. These digital barcodes can then be shared from your device screen directly to handheld or flatbed scanners (checkout stands) found at your favorite stores.

Unless requested by an authorized application, this system lies dormant on the device and does not interrupt or hinder any other operation on the device.

Beaming Service for Samsung APK Version History

  • Beaming Service for Samsung v.1.3.7 for Android 4.1+ Oct. 11, 2016
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