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REX - Great Recommendations

Download REX - Great Recommendations App - screenshot 1 Download REX - Great Recommendations App - screenshot 2 Download REX - Great Recommendations App - screenshot 3
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REX - Great Recommendations

REX - Great Recommendations

REX - Great Recommendations

REX - Great Recommendations

REX - Great Recommendations

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REX Reviewed: Listen To Those You Trust


REX is a shorter way to write “Recs”, which is, in its turn, the short for “recommendations”. The authors of this service, Chris Smith and Ashley Lent Levinson, have invented it as the ultimate tool for sharing any content that may be interesting, from web articles, music and videos to bars and restaurants.

Of course, you can read specialized sites or watch out reviews and notes on Foursquare, but can you fully trust the people you don’t even know? Who can guarantee those reviews are not paid hype? Trust the ones you know, the ones who share the same tastes, the ones you selected to follow. That’s what REX is about.

Functionality 9/10

The registration process is almost as simple as it could be, except for necessity to select your nickname and password even if you authorize with your Facebook or Twitter account. Adding friends is also as easy as can be. You can scan your Facebook, Twitter and phone book to find other REX users. As it’s usually done, you can invite anyone you’d like to join REX.When your account is created, you can follow people to form your timeline and start adding your own recommendations. They can concern anything: music and movies, TV shows and articles, restaurants, bars and other places of interest. For anything you add you can write a brief note that your followers can read.While searching for other people’s recs you can use location services if you’re in search of a good bar or another place to visit. The reviewed places around you will be displayed on the map. When searching for good music or a movie, you can also trust the recommendations in thematic sections. When it comes to media content, you get links for purchasing music or videos on iTunes, reading articles, watching videos.The Vault is a private section for storing your bookmarks selected from REX’s propositions. You can open anything in a proper app. You can add content from almost any third-party app by simply sharing it to REX.

Design 9/10

The app is made to be functional. It has good clear sectional division and lets you easily make it out. It looks good on iPhones with any screen size, from 4s up to 6 Plus. The developers have provided enough interface languages to make the app clear for the vast majority of potential users.

Stability 10/10

The app works well even on older iPhone models, like iPhone 4s, if they’re updated to iOS 9. We even tried REX with good old iPad 2 the app is not made for, and it caused no slowdowns and no problems, except for issues with displaying mode. But that’s common for iPhone-only apps.

Cross-platform use 5/10

So far the app is only available for iPhone, without even an iPad version. Yes, we know success stories that started like this, recollect Instagram, for example. But we wouldn’t like REX to become another reason for iPhone users to feel chosen.We’d rather listen to our friends’ advice even if they’re good with Android or weird enough to use Windows Phone. There’s nothing exclusive about the app that should be available only for iPhone users.

In-app purchases

The app suddenly provides no paid options. It’s probably meant to earn on in-app ads put among real user reviews. As Instagram shows, these hidden ads are usually marked as promo materials, but this touch is proven to work. Well, let’s hope they will recommend us something worthy, otherwise we can just scroll through it.

The Bottom Line

This free service seems promising, but there’s much work to do. The sooner the developers make an Android app, the more content REX will have to propose, and the faster the avalanche effect will start. So take a minute to register on REX and start using it, and encourage your friends to join you for your mutual benefit.


A good idea, though it lacks popularity to be fully effective yet, but let’s hope it’s just the matter of time.

Pros : Versatile;
Great both for private and social use;
Easy to add friends and follow people.

Cons : The service hasn’t gained the effective popularity yet.

Functionality 4.5

Design 4.5


Cross-platform use 2.5

Average : 2.9

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