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Turkey Callin

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Turkey Callin

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Turkey Callin description


Turkey Callin is an interesting app for those who are interested in making the different sounds of the turkey. This app can be used to call like the professionals as it plays most of the common Turkey calls.

The main difference between Turkey Callin and other apps is that whereas the other apps use the sound bites available on the Internet, this app has custom recorded audios that give much better effect. The app also provides details of all the calls and explains why turkey uses those calls. 

Turkey Callin has some of the most popular Turkey Calls and can also be plugged into an external speaker or headphones. Turkey Callin is a useful app for the hunters, which can help them in their expeditions.


Turkey Callin is a detailed app that provides good usage to the hunters and the ones interested in learning turkey calls. The sound can be amplified.


Has limited following. Some of the calls sound identical.

Functionality 4.0

Design 4.0

Usability 5.0

Cross-platform use 3.0

Average: 4.0

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