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Facelifted LinkedIn App Sees iOS, Android

Facelifted LinkedIn App Sees iOS, Android on The Apps Depot Blog

LinkedIn apps are going to get a sharp new appearance as the company rolled out refurbished looks both for iOS and Android. 

The company gave us a glimpse of the new style in October, and the new design is more akin to Facebook and a flock of other minimalist social media apps.
Not only it's going to look different as the messaging capabilities are going to get upgraded and the app is promised to be 300% faster though we're not sure how an average user would gauge this.

In line with most social apps, LinkedIn will now be built around a cluster of updates and content in your central feed, sourced from people in your network.

The feed itself is promised to be fitted to your interests and apparently it'll use some sort of a tracker as the company promises that user experience will improve over time.

Just like Pulse, the main feed will include posts from people outside of your direct network, as well as things interesting to people of comparable occupations. 

The app will reflect more topics related to your profession, not just your network, which will now have a separate section called "My Network". There you will find all your connection's updates related to their professional achievements and the like.

So far it's safe to say that the revamped app will borrow some functions from Pulse and Connected, not just the looks, and the odds of all three merging into one are getting higher.

Antoine DeGrasse


Avid rhyme maker, master of ceremonies, lord of the phones. @tequillo

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  • 0

    Sven 1 year ago

    I love its interface! It looks really cool. The navigation is quite simple that is a big advantage as I'm a bit slow to navigite similar apps ...oops:)

  • 0

    Sunny 1 year ago

    A good application, it is very comfortable to look through the information. I gave up using notebook to check my account.

  • 0

    val 1 year ago

    I use LinkedIn with new design and I like it. It's really like Facebook. Very comfortable. I can find my friends in the app very fast now.

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