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Free Time Machine with Cut the Rope: Experiments

Free Time Machine with Cut the Rope: Experiments on The Apps Depot Blog

The new version of the famous Cut the Rope for iOS is available for free since April, 10. It hasn’t been announced when the deal expires. It may be constant or last for a limited time.

Cut the Rope saga has an army of fans on all mobile platforms. If you haven’t heard of this game yet, we’ll explain that it’s a physical puzzle about a scientist feeding a strange creature named Om-Nom with candies. But as the scientist is a bit weird he finds the most sophisticated ways to feed it, some kind of Goldberg machines.

Cut The Rope GameCut The Rope app

This Cut the Rope edition for iOS will bring you into different times and eras with their own entourage. The design of the game will look primitive or medieval, you’ll visit mythological Egypt and Greece, sail on a pirate ship or even visit the future. And it’s more than just skins. The time you’re in affects the gaming process.

Cut The Rope, Get The App 

Though the game has gone free, there are still in-app purchases, so be careful and don’t get hooked on it. Although, if you are already in it, we’re too late and you might have already bought the game, as it’s been available since 2014, but still remains popular

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  • 0

    69cats 9 months ago

    Cool! I've been waiting for this app! Yay! This game is suitable for both children and adults! Very exciting and interesting

  • 0

    Yahav96 9 months ago

    Cool! I've been waiting for this app! Yay!

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