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​Give a Wink to Your Friends with Viber's Spin-Off

​Give a Wink to Your Friends with Viber's Spin-Off on The Apps Depot Blog
Just a couple of days ago, the well-known Viber application was updated to support “winks” - the immediate photo messages of a time-limited character. In fact, the developers have released a stand-alone spin-off app called “Viber Wink”. It seems like the developers are fully aware of the fierce competition in the mobile app market and try to improve its creation constantly. 

Sending Winks

Wink is a direct competitor to the equally famous Snapchat app. Both applications share the same idea of sending photos or short videos (very short, actually, - up to 10 seconds), which are available for a definite period of time only (1-10 seconds) because some things should definitely live only in our memories and nowhere else. However, Viber Wink can’t be fully separated from its “big brother” due to the fact that chatting is possible between Viber users only. 
Viber Wink Screenshots

There’s also an opportunity to send limitless messages, but in this case, they won’t differ from the regular Viber chats and all the attachments will be displayed in the main application’s chat history. Nevertheless, don’t forget that some of your friends still remember what a screenshot is, no matter which mode you choose. 

Additional Viber Goodies

What is more, there were some others improvements of the Viber app. They  have mostly touched the main look of the app, making it nicer and more intuitive, due to the introductory page for newcomers. Besides, if you’re one of the group chat’s participants, you may see, whether a certain user has already read a message or not. This option is supposed to be a rather handy one.
Keep Media Option for Viber iOS Version

When it comes to the iPhone owners, they’re lucky to have one more new feature in their disposal titled “Keep Media”. It’s about the storage of your Viber media files - you may set a short period to get rid of the stuff and have more free space. Perhaps, this isn’t so vital for 32GB devices, but the feature will be appreciated by all those owners of the low-memory devices. To make these settings, go to the More tab - Media - Keep Media and then tap on the period you need. After its expiration, the stored data are to be removed without any manual interference. 

Useful App Info

In case you’re going to use Viber Wink for “winking” communication, you should make sure that your device is running at least iOS 8.0  or Android 4.0+ and Viber upgraded to v5.7. The new app may be already accessed for free on both app stores. It’s rather lightweight - 3.7MB and 5.3 MB for iOS and Android respectively.

Antonio Neri


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  • 0

    Christopher 11 months ago

    Glad they added the possibility to see whether the message was read or not by different participants in the group! Quite useful for me.

  • 0

    Christopher 1 year ago

    Glad they added the possibility to see whether the message was read or not by different participants in the group! Quite useful for me.

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