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Google Map Maker Is Rolling Into Google Maps

Google Map Maker Is Rolling Into Google Maps on The Apps Depot Blog

Google announced it’s shutting down Map Maker as a standalone tool and turning it into a feature for the main Google Maps app. This editing feature will be a part of the company’s Local Guides program, which encourages people to improve local mapping data, and getting a reward in the form of beta features and free space in their Google Drive storages.

Since 2008, Map Maker has served as a tool for gathering information from rural areas where Google’s equipment wasn’t able to do it itself. And a group of millions of editors and moderators haven’t let Google down.

Google is shutting down Map Maker

Until the day when one of the users decided to make a brave joke by drawing the Android robot urinating on an Apple’s logo. The awkward incident forced Google to apologize and reconsider their policies about detecting, preventing, and handling bad edits.

With Local Guides’ rewards program Google is aiming to cut down on spamming and vandalism problems, thanks to the newer systems for editing and approvals.

What do you think about Google’s decision to merge two services into one? Have you ever made edits in Map Maker? Let us know in the comments below!

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