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Google Weather On Android Gets Way More Detailed

Google Weather On Android Gets Way More Detailed on The Apps Depot Blog

This winter weather seems too out of control but not that unpredictable in its tantrums. So Google being the main weather data provider for most Android users brings new functionality into its weather forecasts.

While there’s no separate weather app for Android yet, and there seems to be no need for it, Google has revamped displaying weather in its main search app. Just request a weather forecast as you usually do via search text or voice input.

Now you can consider upcoming weather conditions when making your plans and appointments.

Though it seems not to deal with Android apps, the difference is significant. Now you get a detailed forecast with no need for more precision. So there’s less need for separate weather apps for most Android user though Weather Channel or AccuWeather are sure to keep their large audience.

Google Now WeatherGoogle Now WeatherGoogle Now Weather

Now Google displays hourly and long-term forecasts without additional requests from the user. There is an innovative hourly scale line with a slider you need to move to the time you want to know the weather at. The app also displays reports for 10 upcoming days, and after you select any of these days, the same slider is displayed (though its precision is less trustable).

There are also additional features like:

  • severe weather alerts;
  • UV index;
  • sunrise and sunset time;
  • humidity level;
  • UV index;
  • air quality and much more.

Another important advantage of Google Weather is its integration with the Calendar. So you can consider upcoming weather conditions when making your plans and appointments.

If you are sensitive to weather or subject to some seasonal illnesses, you’ll make much use of specific health warnings and alerts. This change seems minor but for some it will be literally life-saving.

Have you already received this update? You can check by requesting weather forecast in your search app or by activating Google Now with saying Okay, Google.

Like all basic Google services, the updated weather forecast is completely free.

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