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Make Your Life Easier With Google Now's New Features

Make Your Life Easier With Google Now's New Features on The Apps Depot Blog
Google Now application is a virtual personal assistant which provides users with the relevant information beforehand, in accordance with their preferences. Though, it can also fulfill your requests and answer your questions, courtesy of “Ok Google” feature. It supports about a hundred of voice commands, but you have to turn the feature on first. This will be easy by following the way Google App - Settings Menu - Voice - Ok Google Detection. Then either tap a microphone icon or say “Ok Google”. The pulsing of icon means that the assistant is listening to you.

The hands-free search may be used for:
  • Setting and managing alarms/calendar events/reminders;
  • Communicating;
  • Entertaining;
  • Getting directions/planning trips;
  • Checking weather forecasts;
  • Getting quick answers;
  • Making calculations;
  • Managing some of the phone’s settings, etc.
This list is updated from time to time, and now it includes 9 new commands for controlling mobile devices. They are as follows:
  • Turn on/off Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. Google will open the appropriate settings menu.
  • Turn on/off the flashlight. It will be especially helpful for finding the phone in the darkness.
  • Show/read/reply to my messages. Google will show your 5 last messages, which may be then read aloud or replied to.
New Google Now Voice Features
  • <Lower> brightness, Make Volume <louder>. You’ll be also sent to the settings.
  • Call/Text <a user’s name> You’ll have an opportunity to contact someone, for example, while driving.
  • Play music. By default, Google will send you to Play Music’s “I’m feeling lucky” radio. If you want to define the app, say “Play music in <the app’s name>”; however, then you’ll have to launch the playback manually or state the name of the song/artist.
Ok Google Functionality Screenshots
  • Open <the app’s name or a website>. It works with the majority of applications and distinctly pronounced URLs.
  • Set an alarm. Google Now will give you a wake-up call whenever you need it.
  • Open camera + Take a photo/Record a video. Frankly speaking, it’s rather difficult to imagine a contactless photo-taking process, unless one uses a tripod or a holder, of course.
Make Touchless Photos and Videos

One More Thing

Please, pay your attention to the fact that these updates are relevant for the latest Android version of the Google app - sorry, iPhone owners, but you’ve got Siri for this. Besides, the commands should be pronounced distinctly to be performed properly. Otherwise, you can either try again one more time or correct them manually. 

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  • 0

    Tommy 11 months ago

    I am very pleased that Android has reached a new level . Generator speech really has become more convenient. Finally we see a worthy competitor to Siri. I was happy with everything working perfectly . The commands are executed flawlessly .

  • 0

    oscarbear 11 months ago

    Thank you for a good and interesting article, learned a little something for myself. I think that this helper is very useful for me.

  • 0

    Eva 11 months ago

    I use an Android about 3 years and this article absolutely helped me! Moreover, hands-free search is really necessary when you're doing something at home or walking when it's cold. Good tips!

  • 0

    nuggetz 11 months ago

    Thank you for a good and interesting article, learned a little something for myself. I think that this helper is very useful for me.

  • 0

    Elstan 11 months ago

    Thanks a lot for those apps. It's great that anyone can manage smart even while driving. Works correctly. Strongly recommended.

  • 0

    Jim 11 months ago

    It's awesome. I use it several time per day. It is more convenient and faster than manual entry.

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