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Shout at Siri, Use Paypal

Shout at Siri, Use Paypal on The Apps Depot Blog

If you haven’t spent the last 8 years communiating with a ball called Wilson, you should know that Siri or “Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface” is a voice-controlled personal assistant. It allows you to give natural language voice commands to operate the mobile device and its apps. You receive audible confirmation from Siri after you, for example, set reminders, send messages or operate an app.

Paypal has announced that starting November 10 their app will support Siri voice commands. Now you will be able to send and request money using your voice on iOS. This feature will be available only in 30 countries, including India, China, Australia, the UK and US.

Making a payment has never been easier. Just access Siri like you usually do and tell it something like: “Hey, Siri, send Jane $50 using Paypal” or “Request $20 from Ted using PayPal for the beer last night”. After that, you get a confirmation screen and Siri voice response confirming the stated amount and recipient for your transaction.

Still, it’s not for the first time that Siri is integrated into money transfers. Mobile payment apps like Square Cash and Venmo already use it.

Making payments via a voice command may sound a bit risky, considering the fact Siri doesn’t tell the difference between voices. But, Siri-ously, that’s not a problem, because you’ll have to unlock your mobile phone before using the feature.

That’s why it’s not more dangerous than making payments with any other app that requires your PIN or Touch ID.

Alice Bauer


Loves gadgets, bubbly baths and Syracuse Chiefs. @ifoundit

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