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Skype Insiders Program Lets Users Test New Features

Skype Insiders Program Lets Users Test New Features on The Apps Depot Blog

This Tuesday Microsoft announced a new program. It allows Skype users to try out new features before the developers put them on public display. Dubbed Skype Insiders Program, the new feedback program launches just hours after Microsoft also rolled out its Xbox Insider Program to the public.

Android and iOS Users can sign-up to get early access to Skype’s software and services updates and upgrades. Microsoft states that the feedback will help the company to "iron out any quirks before we release them broadly."

To test the new versions of software, Skype users may choose the available platform — Android or iOS. Microsoft has already started testing out the latest iOS and Android versions, which mostly include bug fixes. Emoticon search and tweaks to options for call forwarding and voicemail are available in the beta version of Skype for Mac client.

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