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This AM: Female-Only Morning News App

This AM: Female-Only Morning News App on The Apps Depot Blog

Statistics says that almost every smartphone user checks the device the minute after awakening. Fortunately, in the majority of cases, people prefer reading the news to scrolling social net feeds. There are a lot of specialized mobile applications dedicated to a particular news sphere, such as sports, economics, politics, weather, etc. 

Most of them are, obviously, oriented on the male part of the population, leaving the beautiful half of it to be satisfied with the “crumbs”, which may be found in the “real” news. However, recently, the Refinery29 has launched one app with the women-oriented content only.

What is it about? 

Refinery29 was founded in 2005 with the main idea “to help people discover and refine their personal style”. The website posts almost 2,000 stories every month. Its target audience is women who would like to know more about fashion trends, to read stories about celebrities’ lives, and to be aware of the global news as well.

Refinery29 This AM Screenshots

Why would you need to install a new app on your mobile device? The point is that a woman wakes up in the morning, launches This AM, and gets to know the world’s significant news, some tips for her style, or other useful information to start a day with. 

The “things to know this morning” are to be presented on 8 individual cards of different categories. They are easy-to-read descriptions of the main articles, available for deeper investigation by following the link. 

Does it sound familiar? Definitely! Though the provided content differs notably from those offered by other similar services - at least the developers claim so. Indeed, you will be notified not only about the nail polishing techniques and music recommendations but also about what is going on in the world at the moment or the recent showbiz news. 

Morning Knowledge Update Availability

Swiping Refinery29 This AM Cards in Action

The company says that their main target is to make the app an essential part of their users’ daily routine, allowing them to be aware of significant news without spending a lot of time for browsing them. So, the news is to be refreshed at 6 AM EST daily, except on the weekends. 

One can even set the reminding notifications or alerts not to miss the news. If you want to be competent in what is in the air or be inspired by someone’s life story, you can quickly flip the story compilations while having your breakfast or on the way to your work or college.

Ryan Stone


Tech junkie, grilled haloumi devourer, cat owner @freepps_top

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  • 0

    Julia 11 months ago

    I have several NewsApps in my phone but this one is my favorite, it helps me to start my day with positive mood. It's really easy to find peace of news which is interesting for you, cause there are 8 different categories (fashion, news, tips etc.), under each news is short description, so if you are interested in it, the only thing you have to do is to follow the link

  • 0

    Amanda 11 months ago

    Great app for women. Immediately after waking up you can see all the news about fashion trends,news of show business or many other things. The main thing that it is very convenient. I'm very glad that there was such an app, it saves my time. Girl Powahh!

  • 0

    Ali 11 months ago

    This is a very good app because it helps me a lot. I've tried many apps but this is the best of them!

  • 0

    Eternal 11 months ago

    Start morning easily - this is my dream. Not take care of a quick breakfast, just want to read something interesting, especially for women. This application that it is necessary thing)

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