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Universal Copy App To Help You Save The Texts You Need

Universal Copy App To Help You Save The Texts You Need on The Apps Depot Blog

Do you often get frustrated when you can’t copy the information from a certain app? 

Most people are familiar with this situation as no one has time to retype everything, and sometimes you can miss great offers because you simply forget about them. 

Luckily, this new app called Universal Copy can help you solve this issue.

How can you use Universal Copy?

Universal Copy appUniversal Copy app

This application works by using built-in Accessibility settings, so it allows you to copy the information from various apps that normally block your ability to do that. 

To make use of the Universal Copy app, you have to enable the functionality when you see the text that you need, and the app is available in your notification bar. 

All you have to do is tap on the part of the text, and the Universal Copy saves it for you.

It should be noted that the application is still in the process of development, so it may not work with every single application, or it will only allow you to copy a fragment of the text, such as a headline. Part of the reason for such restrictions is the copyright policy of Google.

The Universal Copy app is certainly worth trying, especially when you always find yourself annoyed when you can’t save the information you need.

Feel free to share your thoughts regarding this new application, and if you plan on trying it out for yourself. 

Ryan Stone


Tech junkie, grilled haloumi devourer, cat owner @freepps_top

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  • 0

    Eine Steine 9 months ago

    An app with more functions than a standard copy-paste, more information can be saved, must have!

  • 0

    derek the horse 9 months ago

    My friend gave me a hint to download this app and I'm lovving it so far! Works like a charm!

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