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Gangstar Vegas

Download Gangstar Vegas Game - screenshot 1
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Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas

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Ganstar Vegas Review


Gangsta Vegas is the action game, which almost identical to Grand Theft Auto in the way the missions are given. It also doesn’t drastically change anything comparing with the other three Gangstar games, except refining some mechanics.

You start the game as Jason Malone who is a boxer got paid by mobster Frank Valieno to dive and throw the match. You agree to do this, but the scam doesn’t go as it planned and your character manages to get a great hit in and knocks the guy out.

It means that you are now on Frank’s hit list.

Graphics 3,5/5

Graphically, Gangsta Vegas is well done. It pays attention to every detail — all characters have unique faces and bodies, your vehicle’s tires squeals and emit smoke, lights reflect, water ripples.

However, you may notice some minor glitches such as car doors that look lowered or raised above the rest of the car body or your car got impaled with curbs, trees or other objects after some collision.

Gameplay 4,5/5

Gangsta Vegas has a rich gameplay packed with diverse missions, weapons, ammo, vehicles, and armor. Nevertheless, you will never be lost. The game even allows you to select the story mission by tapping on it on the map so that you don’t need to drive all the way there. You will just be taken straight to the intro cut scene.

Plus, you can ask E-Man or your friends for help on a mission. E-Man will cost you $100,000 and by asking an actual friend, not only you get assistance, but your friend will receive a reward for being helpful as well.

Gangstar Vegas doesn’t have a free aim mode. Instead, you just have to tap on a person or object you want to shoot, and after you see a big blue crosshair over the top, you can start firing.

Each criminal act you do counts and eventually you will see an icon indicating whether the police are after you. One star means you have one or two cops on your tail and as you gain in stars, they get more aggressive and rise in number. If you see the five stars, then you have no less than cops, SWAT, and the army chasing you and you are in big trouble. If you die, you will get resurrected and out of some cash for hospital bills.

With each level, your character earns skill points, which you can use to purchase upgrades. And that’s when you will be impressed.

There are plenty of weapon categories: pistols, hand-to-hand, rifles, shotguns, etc. And under each category, you can increase different ratings such as resistance to bullets, fire and explosions, clip size, damage cause, and quantity of health packs or armor kits you can carry. Plus, for vehicles, you can increase top speed, acceleration, and handling.

Gangstar Vegas gives you an almost infinite level of customization.

Controls 3,5/5

There are two things you will control in the game — your character and vehicle. It’s pretty simple to drive as you steer the wheel by tilting your device. However, it doesn’t always work perfectly, so it’s likely you will need to fiddle with the sensitivity or just swap to the virtual button steering option.

Controlling your character, Jason, may seem more difficult as running is overly sensitive and he tends to run into walls pretty often. To climb the obstacles you have to sprint as you run towards the object, however, Jason likes jumping over everything even when he is not close enough to this object, which really makes controls sloppy.

Replay Value 5/5

When you complete your story, or want to a break from it, you can choose one of the many other events going on. Eventually, you will be able to take part in boat races, street races, ring challenges, and flight checkpoints. Each side mission will rate you on a scale of one to three stars, which indicate whether you complete it within the time and target requirements.

Plus, you can compete in fighting tournaments, attempt to survive a consistent onslaught of enemies, go on bank heists, steal cars, play various casino games, visit a nightclub or restaurant, and even purchase properties.

Then, you can also get the full stats of your gaming experience such as:

  • cops, enemies and pedestrians you've killed;
  • time traveled on foot, or by car;
  • how many times you've been killed or died.

As you can see, the game will keep you entertained as long as you wish.

In-app purchases

Gangstar Vegas contains three types of in-app purchases:

  • in-game cash;
  • skill points to make Jason a badass
  • keys to open the crates with the items.

All these features you can earn through the game, so none of the purchases are essential to enjoy the experience.


Gangstar Vegas is a great action game, with lots of opportunities and game modes. The dialog is humorous as well as the news reports and the in-vehicle conversations. The races and fights will keep you coming back, and the inconsistencies and graphical glitches won’t keep you from trying to achieve a perfect three-star rating on each mission.


Gangsta Vegas is a great action game packed with exciting adventures.

Pros : Diverse missions;
Great variety of weapons and armors;
Humorous dialog;
Great level of customization.

Cons : Sloppy controls;
Minor glitches.

Graphics 3.5

Gameplay 4.0

Controls 3.5

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 4.0

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Gangstar Vegas

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