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Gardening Reference Guide!

Download Gardening Reference Guide! Game - screenshot 1 Download Gardening Reference Guide! Game - screenshot 2 Download Gardening Reference Guide! Game - screenshot 3
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Gardening Reference Guide!

Gardening Reference Guide!

Gardening Reference Guide!

Gardening Reference Guide!

Gardening Reference Guide!

Gardening Reference Guide!

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Gardening Reference Guide! description


Powerful and easy to use gardening reference app enjoyed by thousands of users with up to +1500 plants included!!!
Enhanced for the new iOS 9 & Universal!!!


Gardening Reference Guide! is a simple and easy to use app about cultivation and requirements of hundreds flowers and plants you love.
Beautiful species of plants, with information like common name, botanical name, family, native to, light, water, soil and climate requirements, bloom time or harvest time, and much more, of every flowers and plants you enjoy.


Simple and easy to learn information about hundreds of plants with beautiful images.
Print directly any information to a printer.
Sort species by common name, botanical name, family, category or bloom time.
Search for common name, botanical name, family, category, light, water, soil or climate requirements.
List the species by Hardiness zones.
New Packs+1000 with new species available from In-App purchases!
Share any species by email.
Post any species to Facebook or Twitter really fast and easy.
Personal support by email to help you get the most from the app.
And more...

We working to improve Gardening Reference Guide! with new features soon.

If you want an advanced and most powerful gardening reference app check out Garden Pro!, now with +12000 species in the guide, including trees, shrubs, orchids, tropical, groundcovers, and over 16 categories, with the most important information, descriptions, most important care to do, most important pest or diseases, hardiness zones, planting time and propagation, the ability to add notes for each species, and much more, search in the App Store Garden Pro!


Great app!
Truly a great app, can easily start and find out what flowers I want in my garden and under what conditions they grow best! Definitely worth its money FROM MEXICO

I really enjoy using this app as it has been so well thought out as to layout and usability. I have a degree in horticulture and find the information very accurate. No it does not have all known plants but has an excellent and large selection which is being added to all the time. Plenty of ways to add your own input too. I give it 100% for enjoyable usability. Well done you guys/gals and thanks. FROM AUSTRLIA

Useful app!
There has been much work done to create this app, very useful. So, get it ASAP. FROM CANADA

Do you love to garden? Want to know what the best plant choices are for a fall bloom or spring vegetable garden in your climate? Garden Guide HD is here to help. Image-rich and easy to navigate, Garden Guide HD features a friendly book-type interface and is loaded with information on cultivation and care of over 2000 plant species. Categories of plants range from ground covers to fruits and flowers. Plan your garden with confidence using this great resource app! FROM APPADVICE.COM

Very Useful App! - Beautiful photos and useful information. I have several apps from this developer and appreciate the updates. A future update might include an alphabetical tab bar so you don't have to scroll down the entire list. Very nice graphics! FROM UNITED STATES

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