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Bloody Knuckles Free

Download Bloody Knuckles Free Game - screenshot 1 Download Bloody Knuckles Free Game - screenshot 2 Download Bloody Knuckles Free Game - screenshot 3
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Bloody Knuckles Free

Bloody Knuckles Free

Bloody Knuckles Free

Bloody Knuckles Free

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Bloody Knuckles Free description


Ranked in the Top 10 All Over the World!!

Over 1.5 million downloads!!


Thank you to all our fans (and our haters...seriously)!!

Some of our favorite reviews so far:

by Project Levin
Fun Game
"Seriously hasnt anyone played this game when they were kids, lol i still have scars from playing this game, the object of the game is to keep the coin spinning, and the one who lets the coin fall or stop loses thus the opponent shoots the coin into the losing players knuckle causing them to bleed"

(yup! exactly Project levin)

by Ytdtdyzyzyyc
"Great game to play high"

( are entitled to that)

by Anonymous Literature Critic
"Bloody knuckles is not a game for whining babies"

(you got that right!)

by akaplan516
Brock Lesnar played this game
"And then he had to have a significant portion of his colon removed"

(hahahaha...careful...use at your own risk)


The classic bar game of quarter flicking, spinning, and shooting is now available on iPhone!!


It's a great drinking game to play with your friends (without having to suffer the cuts and pain).

How To Play

------------------READ THIS------------------

Swipe the screen (DO NOT TAP - that will knock the coin down!) to flick the quarter and make it spin on the table. Alternate turns with your opponent. If you knock it down, be prepared to take a hit as your opponent gets to shoot the quarter at your fist. (Note: it doesn't matter if it's heads or tails). First player to draw blood wins!!


Realistic Physics

Cool Sound Effects

Life-like Graphics

Game Center Integration

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Who will be the first to bleed!?

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