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InMind VR (Cardboard)

Download InMind VR (Cardboard) Game - screenshot 1
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InMind VR (Cardboard)

InMind VR (Cardboard)

InMind VR (Cardboard)

InMind VR (Cardboard)

InMind VR (Cardboard)

InMind VR (Cardboard)

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InMind VR (Cardboard) description


Inmind is a unique virtual reality game, which allows the player to enter the brains of the patient searching for damaged neurons. It lets the players experience the miracles of a human mind.

The main features of this unique game are: 

  • Compatible with most headsets and provides a great realistic experience to the user;
  • Delves into the intriguing space of the human mind through the micro world simulation;
  • Interactive and has the user constantly interested as well as looking around for more.

The app demonstrates how with the advancement of science and the use of nanotechnologies, a surgical prototype can actually enter a patient’s body. It's quite fascinating.

Inmind is a great app, which lets you look into the human brain.


Great Graphics; Seamless experience; Unique subject; Free to use; Great format.


Takes up 231MB of space; Available only in English; Has age limit of 17 years.

Graphics 5.0

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4.0

Average: 4.5

InMind VR (Cardboard) APK Version History

  • InMind VR (Cardboard) v.19.0.2 for Android 4.2+ Nov. 08, 2016
  • InMind VR (Cardboard) v.19.0.1 for Android 4.2+ Nov. 07, 2016
  • InMind VR (Cardboard) v.0.18.1 for Android 4.2+ Dec. 04, 2015
  • InMind VR (Cardboard) v.16.4 for Android 4.2+ Nov. 12, 2015
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InMind VR (Cardboard)

Android Permissions
  • Perform I/O operations over NFC.
  • Read from external storage.
  • Write to external storage.
  • Open network sockets.
  • Access information about networks.
  • Access information about Wi-Fi networks.
Please note: the permissions may change when the app is updated.
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