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Song Trivia - Music pop quiz

Download Song Trivia - Music pop quiz Game - screenshot 1 Download Song Trivia - Music pop quiz Game - screenshot 2 Download Song Trivia - Music pop quiz Game - screenshot 3
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Song Trivia - Music pop quiz

Song Trivia - Music pop quiz

Song Trivia - Music pop quiz

Song Trivia - Music pop quiz

Song Trivia - Music pop quiz

Song Trivia - Music pop quiz

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Song Trivia - Music pop quiz description


Are you a music fan? Can you guess the singer by listening to a short sample?
Now available in many languages!

Perfect music trivia game to instantly warm up any party!
Listen to song clips and then guess who is playing.

Thousands of your favourite songs! Endless gameplay!

Everyone will find something interesting in this game:

- The Latest Hits of 2013-2014
- 2000's Hits
- 90's Hits
- 80's Hits
- 70's Hits
- Rock
- Rap/Hip-Hop
- Soul/R&B
- Country
- Latin Pop
- Eurodance
- Love Songs
- Alternative
- Electronic
- The Greatest Songs Ever
... and much more!

Are you a fan of Katy Perry, Niki Minaj, Beyonce, Taylor Swift,
Pitbull? Do you love Rock? Rap? Country?
Well, let's see how well you know your idols!

Fun and Addictive - SONG TRIVIA takes music guessing games to a whole new level!

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