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Soccer 2016

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Soccer 2016

Soccer 2016

Soccer 2016

Soccer 2016

Soccer 2016

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Soccer 2016 Review


Soccer 2016 game is surprisingly high-rated on Google Play. Five-star rate (while grands like FIFA 2016 only have four) is at least worth having a glance for soccer games fans.

It’s an Android prerogative, as the iOS version of the game is yet to be released. To download Soccer 2016, you don’t have to obtain Soccer 2016 APK elsewhere, as it’s available worldwide through Google Play.

Graphics 6/10

The graphical part of the game looks a bit obsolete for 2016. The manager’s part of the game doesn’t take much graphical power. But the stadium could have been made more realistic. The tribunes don’t react visually (though the sounds are bound to what happens in the field), the players are not distinguishable from each other, their manners are the same. They only differ in their characteristics like speed or kick force.
Still the game looks much better on a tablet (like most sport simulators), even if its definition is low.

Gameplay 7/10

The soccer has been made as simple and clear as can be, due to simplified graphics and minimalistic controls. The time of a game is limited (and it’s not 2x45 min), so you’ll have to react fast, play in the aggressive manner and hurry as if it’s your last minute.

When it gets beyond the field, the game’s objective is fulfilling the seasonal tasks you get in your league. The managing part of the game looks quite simpler than in rival games. Yes, you transfer real players (like Messi, Ronaldo and other celebrities), train your team, upgrade your stadium and do all the things a manager should. Yes, the teams’ names are a bit distorted to avoid legal issues, don’t take it as a drawback or a typo.
The spoiling thing is ads. The game is as stuffed with ads as are the fences of a real stadium. Though the fences never rise and get in front of you to make sure you see the ad without digressing to see a game. These ones do, and they do at the moment you never expect.

Controls 6/10

 Quite illogical menu leaves its bad trace at once. Why should we tap a hidden “Select” button for starting a league instead of just tapping its section? It’s as unobvious as can be, a strange step of the developer.
It’s all quite good, though, when it comes to real game. You only have a joystick in the left lower corner and two obvious buttons “Kick” and “Pass”. The player you control is the one closest to the ball, no matter you keep it or your opponents.

Replay Value 10/10

Sport simulators are the games with the best replayability (just like sports IRL). Even as you advance from league to league, you can still play the games over and over, make new transfers and check new players’ talents in your team.

The Bottom Line

Soccer 2016 is a good *but not brilliant) soccer simulator, especially great for those with old or budget devices.



This free soccer app is a step ahead of some commercial ones, so it’s worth at least trying (unless you can’t forgive it not being supreme).

Pros : Good mechanics;
Real players’ names and characteristics involved.

Cons : Illogical and strange menu;
No translation into many popular languages;
Aggressive ads.

Graphics 3.0

Gameplay 3.5

Controls 3.0

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 3.6

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Soccer 2016 APK Version History

  • Soccer 2016 v.1.0 for Android 2.0.1+ Sep. 06, 2015
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    love fifa is in my blood

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Soccer 2016

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